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Bossico is a delightful holiday town located about 900 m. s.l.m. that, given its position, is truly a natural balcony on Lake Iseo. The view can range up to 360 , from the valleys Sebino Orobiche from Presolana the Apennines. Thanks to its privileged position, Bossico enjoys a mild climate due to the proximity of the lake and its exposure to the sun from sunrise to sunset.

From Milan-Bergamo:
- Follow the SS671 to about 10 km
- Take the SS42 for about 27 km
- Continue on the SP53 for 4 km
- Turn right onto the SP54
- Arrival in Bossico after about 6 km.

From Venice-Brescia:
- Follow the SS11 for about 9 km
- Take the SS510 to about 36 km
- Continue on the SS42 for 8 km
- Turn on the SP53 about 5 km
- Continue on the SP54
- Arrival in Bossico after about 6 km.





For Info and Reservations:

Trattoria "Colombina"          Via Locatelli, 21             24060 Bossico (BG)

Mr. Adriano Cocchetti

Tel: +39 035 968022         Cell: +39 338 7467212         E-mail: